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We have been going to Lodge Alley Inn for at least a decade or more. We call, make our reservation and ask for a room with a courtyard view, knowing that a specific room cannot be guaranteed. We called in June 2013 for a May 27-June, 2014 reservation.

When I called to confirm our reservation, I was told that we were assigned to Room 202 which is on the street. I spoke with Sid Shingler and asked that we be changed to a room with a courtyard view. He was abrupt and said nothing could be done.

I then called Bluegreen and asked the person to whom I spoke to intervene and call to assure us of a courtyard view room. (There are at least 15-20 of these, so the switch shouldn't have been a problem.

When we arrived on May 27, we were assigned Room 202 and I challenged Sid on the assignment and reminded him of my call and that I had also called Bluegreen who put my request "into the system." He said he didn't know anything about that. I insisted that it had been done, and, voila! He "found" the request but then said nothing could be done.

When we got to the room, I again called Bluegreen and spoke with a supervisor who was polite but also said nothing could be done except to request a move if a courtyard view room became available...which I had already done.

This is the first time we have had rude treatment at Lodge Ally Inn. I am hesitant to continue going to this venue because of this experience.

Pinky Bender

(The Rev. Dr. Carol T. Bender)

5001 Belford Court

Charlotte, NC 28226


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