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So about a month ago I signed up for wining either a car or a feverishly discounted multi-trip package. The guy who called me said that I was being offered (not won as they cannot legally use those terms).

he went in detail of 3 trips, the first must be the Fountains resort and Disney package, then I can do my cruise/3 night stay at any of 20 locations in the US. he said he was with the legal department and was reading my terms in which he did say I would be staying at the fountains. that Maryland is the only state not allowed to have time shares offered to them. so my fee was nightly charges which he had me write down and the payment plan coming out to about $500 for all three.

I did not really have time to research as he talked very fast and confidently. When I said I was uncomfortable and still wanted to research things he said that plenty of other wanted this opportunity and that he would make the offer elsewhere if he didn't have an answer soon.

he said that to set things up he would be my contact and that he would ensure things went smoothly...I'm just not sure after reading these reviews that I'm comfortable anymore. He said the stay is discounted and this was so that the company can help bring more tourism to FL. The woes that I have herd on here sound nothing what like I've experienced thus far...and in the recorded terms I agreed to he stated everything he told me including a stay at the rivers not a hotel. However, the website states it's an added fee for the Fountain not what you are given:


I'm just confused and no ones story sounds exactly like mine, so I'm searching for wisdom here before I attempt what seems just to good to be true...

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