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I went to the bluegreen sales pitch meeting at the fountains (1-20-12) and they said it wouldn't be any pressure. Just a presentation and you make your decision.

Yeah, right. It was like a bad telemarketing call you can't hang up on. They tell you they love you and how they are a big family they want you to be a part of. Give me a break.

It really made me wonder about the product they were selling if they have to use this aggressive sales technique to sell it. We did have a good time and the fountains were very nice but if you go be prepared for 2 plus hours of no, no, no, no. If I ever bought into one of these, it would be because I'd done the calculations on it and discovered it was a good value for my family, not because some stranger tells me he loves me and wants me to be a part of the bluegreen family. Think before you do this, if I have a product to sell, and its a good product, shouldn't I be able to present it to you and lead you to a right decision for you and your family.

These people care nothing about your family's budget or if you can even buy groceries next month. They just want your signature so they can lock you in to their "family" and keep getting your money.

I'm very happy to have not bought into this.

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You were wise to walk away. The "happy owners" who have responded to your post are "reputation defenders". They are paid to comb these sites and discredit people who simply trying to warn the trusting public.



you are so so wrong vaction club points or fixed week timeshare at the moment are being given away so that shoots that out of the water.

If you are a fixed week owner and the resort needs work doing on it above and byond that the reserves from you mf they have you get a sa which can amount to many $1000's with BGVC the deeds are held in trust and therefore the whole of that trust fund pays for the sa.

Some of my points are at Lacabana in Aruba (BG owns 25% of the resort) they are the same as 2 full weeks ie 4 shares (if weeks owners)

My sa was $75 the weeks owners paid $1000 per week.

So I really do think you should get your facts straight before you quote things that are incorrect

Do your homework then you and only you can make your mind up but please everyone make sure you do have the correct information.


But there is a difference between a true time share where u are part owner in real property vs what Bluegreen is selling. Bluegreen is a vacation club and not a true timeshare there for u don't get most of the benefits with a true timeshare, which means as soon as u leave it is not worth the paper the contract is written on.



We bought into timeshare yrs ago and I can tell you that we have saved $$$$$ over the years yes we did buy at devloper price but also on the resale market as well. We have well and truly passed the payback period and now how very low cost vacations and plenty of them.

We have had our monies worth out of it time and time again, so not all timeshare is bad , you need to know how to use it and save $$$$$$


You are correct, and there is a huge aftermarket on all of these offers. Check out eBay, TUG and other sites and you can find the deal for about 15 cents on the dollar. You can also go to the resort and talk to owners for a great deal as well, often for free or nominal cost.

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