Lake City, Florida

Last August my fiance and I went to Bass Pro Shop in Ft. Lauderdale.

We were shopping when we were approached by these salez sharks under the name of Outdoor Travler. They told us they were running a promotion for their resorts to drive business. Consistently pointed in their brochure their great resorts. We asked what the catch was.

They said the only catch is a two hour seminar on introducing their resorts. Ok fine we purchase and schedule for the orlando one today July 23. We show up to the fountain resort to check in. The front counter lady gives us a "voucher" and directions to another hotel.

We say ok must be their other resort. We couldnt be more wrong. We arrive at this Hilton hotel right off the highway in the ghetto! We check in and are put in this room that smells horribly of smoke.

We ask to get relocated to a different room which Hilton kindly did. I immediately call Outdoor Traveler and get this girl on the phone whom tells me "well you must have signed up for the basic hotel package" I explained no, your incompetent staff screwed up. They then offered to change me to the fountain resort but we had to pay a 50 dollar cancellation fee. I argued about how this was a switch bait and services sold were not services rendered.

Nothing was done. If I wanted to stay at a cheap hotel I would have scheduled that. My fiance wanted to stay at a resort for the resort amenities but instead we were treated with second class standards. With that said I paid their 50 dollar cancellation fee and shot over to Daytona Beach and got a Hotel on the water.

I also went and spoke with theanager of the Bass Pro in Orlando and the Manager Johnathan said he has nothing to do with them and they are a outside contract. I informed him I nor my company will be doing business with them.

Needless to say I will be writing a letter to the BBB in regards tho this unethical business practices of Outdoor Travler/Bluegreen and also for Bass Pro Shops. I also will no longer shop with Bass Pro as well.

Monetary Loss: $190.

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you are right , they are the biggest SCAMMERS..don't listen to these other 2 who say you are the problem, Obviously they work for BG!!! Not hard to figure out....BG SUX & will Suck you DRY for every red cent they can. People need to form a group and SUE them, for their Obvious Illegal Practices...They need to be Stopped and imprisoned.


These are a bunch of sour grapes. People don't listen and judge what is being said.

If they did they would ask questions to be sure they understand.

Then make an educated decision.


it always amazes me that people really believe they can get something for nothing.

there's no such thing as a free lunch, guys! :zzz


Where in the review did it say that the person got something for free or was expecting to get something for free? People don't fall for this scam bluegreen is pulling because they offer you something for nothing Hun, just a "good deal" and who doesn't like a good deal, I'm sure you do.

But once they get you hooked, you realize they don't even offer you a real discount like they say it is, you actually end up paying more then regular price for the *** they give you, and if you dealt with this company before or actually read what was being said in the review, you'd know that. So maybe you should comment on something you have a clue about, hmmm? :roll

- and just for the record, I was almost scammed by them and I read all the fine print and asked all the right questions.

They only way I found out the truth about this company and got out before I was too far in, was because I took an extra step and started reading about what others went through because sometimes scams are just that good that you have to learn the hard way about them for yourself or you can learn from other's mistakes. So get off your high horse.

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