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We bought into Bluegreen five years ago. Our total time spent at any Bluegreen properties has been 6 days. Our stays have not been pleasant, we have had things stolen from our car, and the room we stayed in. The workers are rude a dont care about you, Ask for an extra towel and its like asking for them to give you their life. The biggest problem is getting

a room with them. We had a silver membership, When we bought it the selling point was 30days before you want to check in, you can get a room no problems. BULL! We tried to call three months before we wanted to stay the night and then where told we should call at least 6 months in advance. Who knows what your going to be doing that far in advance, Those weekend get aways never happen. I was sold a bill of goods that was nothing but a lie. Try and book the boat down south they own and they give you two weeks on, thats a joke!!! They are so nice when they are trying to sell you the package, and when they do sell you the package of goods, and all the paper work is done they all sing at the end of the day, Another one bites the dust. LOL I am sick of this place, and the rude people who are working for them. OH! dont be late on your maintenance fees or they charge you 315.00 and there is no way around it. We have found its cheaper to rent as you need it and the *** with BLUEGREEN. Please Never make the mistake of buying anything from Bluegreen properties. We have payed them $15000.00 for

our membership and its been the worst mistake I have ever made. Thats 300.00 a month for five years. Dont be as dumb as I was JUST SAY NO

We tried to sell our silver package and we cant get 5000.00 out of it.

What an investment for our kids? WOW thats a joke...................

We have contacted a good lawyer and we hope he can do something

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Dawn K

I am associated with a company that helps people get rid of their timeshares. The site can be viewed at

We dont sell timeshares, you wont or get any money for them. We just relieve you of all future financial obligation.

We have been in business for 11 years giving timeshare owners some relief from the trap that they get themselves caught in. Our office number is 417-334-0892 if you have any questions.


Bluegreen is nothing, but a bunch of scam artist. We bought a silver membership 5 years, ago for $26,000.

The amenities are never available, due to all the free stays that always have use of them. They are liars. I just got back from an owner update. We were told of all the great deals that we will now miss out on, because we let our Traveler's Plus membership expire.

One of them being, "ONLY 100 POINTS PER NIGHT TO BOOK ANY ROOM ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD." We were told we should have been told that, we've been being over charged all these years. But, being we let our Traveler's Plus expire, we can't renew it without upgrading. We didn't fall for it, went back to the room, pulled out the laptop and found we can renew it for $39. Got the phone, acted as if we wanted to book a stay and mentioned we were silver members, with Traveler's Plus.

We wanted our room for 100 points. The person on the other end thought I was a lunatic. I don't have enough time to list everything I'm displeased with Bluegreen about.



Why are people bashing Tim...why isn't it possible for him to be happy with he said you have to know how to work the system...We have a Silver Membership we just agreed to for around 9,000.00.....even though we are having second thoughts after listening to you guys. But don't deny that there has to be some happy people or their rep would be totally destroyed.

My husband and I were excited to be able to travel and stay at nice places....isn't that possible??? If you live by The Golden Rule you may be able to get what you are asking for???

Anymore happy people???Or are we just to optimistic???I hope things work out for all of you..Would it be better to get out now and buy one for someone who wants to sell??? I am open for any advice....We work too hard for our $$ and want to use it wisely...We are in our early 50's and I can not handle any BS in my life...such as being taken in a scam...I will call them right now to get some answers..we still have a week to change our they said..Our sales person was pressure at all ...anyone please respond email is


Been Bluereen Owners for over 10 years - just upgraded in Feb 2009 to 48,000 points - since then have not been able to get a single stay ANYWHERE for the days/weeks we wanted. Was pleased for first few years but things have gone down they have this "hotel" thing going on - what's that all about?

Sandhurst Resort--new one in FL will never be available for points - you can only book Bonus Time...??? would realy like to sell & just get out.....


learn to use the club. i've been an owner since 2001 and love it.

started out as a sampler owner and have upgraded a couple of times to gold member. we go on two or three vacations a year.

the only question i do have is that although they say there are no available rooms through bluegreen vacation club if you search bluegreen rentals they do have rooms available. will be asking about this one during next owner update.


Marxist....yeah, that sounds about right - your a marxist.

Yet another bluegreen flea trying to direct your attention away from the huge pile of dog poo in the middle of your livingroom (AKA - Bluegreen)


Yeah, I'm gonna have to call BS on this story. You did not buy a silver membership from Bluegreen for $15,000.

They would have charged more like $30,000. This is probably just another post by that shyster lawyer trying to scam more people with his "class action" money making scheme.


Lord *** You people are nothing more than septic sauce.


*** your a complete *** bag dude.

You and the rest of your Bluegreen concubines. God will cast his vengence on you soon can bank on that pal.



you must be the iceing on top of the lawyers cake , they are the ones who will get rich from you and that includes Shu or cybershu. Him/her/them do not understand I have told you all a million times I do not work for BG but I am Just one of the many thousands of happy owners

who knew what they bought into.

So sorry to dissapoint you but if the truth hurts then it hurts


There is an attorney currently taking names of Bluegreen owners who are seeking justice for being scammed. Contact for details.


If you guys look at this board, You can see its not just a few people thats unhappy lets see if we can find a Attorney to represent all of us who are unhappy.It looks like well over a thousand people here are very displeased with BlueGreen :(


I just got back from the sales pitch on saturday. They got mad when I had my phone out.

They gave my friend a hard time when he told them he did not bring his car to go look at the property. They tried to get me to buy the one year trial package for 1000 bucks, but you can't use this package during june july or august.


Im a previous employee of BLUEGREEN CORP-& although it paid the bills at the time I experienced pissed off customers like you all, all of the time. I was browsing for other info and ran across this site.

Sorry 2say nearly all of the complaints are true. Its a buisness & once U sign on the dotted line-u have a grace/recission period-Salespeople are sure to avoid you until that grace period has run out & opting out is 2late. After that you have to go thru *** & back to get anything done because the contract is signed, sealed and delivered.

This is a routine that has been duplicated so much that the reservation agents have strict scripts to follow.

I felt sorry for customers in these situations and knew it would be hard to impossible for them to get rid of these Timeshare contracts so I did my best to show them how to utilize it to the best of their ability. The saddest part was seeing how salepeople sold them to the elderly who just honestly didn't have the "time" to enter into these 20-30-50 year contracts.


It must be nice to have nothing else to do but plan your time share honeymoon Sorry but we bought into the weekend get away and calling thirty days out or even ten days out :eek but all thats bulllll sheet

Im just kicking myself for trying to plan a head and just like the salesman said do it for your kids they need this as well as your wife LOL My kids would rather stay home and ride their horses and camp etc. If they would they would tell you the truth they lied to us and theres to many none Bluegreen people there for the OWNERS to stay :x



I totally agree we have tried to sell this nightmare and have not had any success. We have been ripped off by time share sellers.

Your story sounds just like ours. any advice on how to dump this so called wonderful investment?


:sigh . It must be nice when you can Plan so far ahead.

at my employement we are not allowed to ask for vacation more than 30 days in advance. If you make plans with bluegreen and you have to change them OF Course they charge you again!!!


To "ME":If you are so "Happy" why are you here at "Pissed Consumer" HAHAHAHA....what a sham. Folks, if you are NOT a Bluegreen employee and are looking for an honest assessment of this company believe this one.

Bluegreen is a nest of liars and thieves. They are out to steal your money and couldn't give two sh$ts less about you or your family.

They only care about getting you to sign their contract so their lawyers can tell you next year "sorry, your contract specifically states 'based on availability'"This is the most unethical and immoral company in existence. I don't understand why the government lets these *** bags continue to operate


Please, please, please contact me about your lawsuit....please!



Madcat is absolutely right. That is how this company works.

You don't get what you paid for. Either you can't book time because they are selling these rooms for cash only customers, or you do get in and the rooms are trashy. These are facts. I too bought into this scam and have squandered thousands of dollars for nothing but headaches.

Bluegreen and everyone who works for them are *** of the earth.

That includes "Lord Mankinholes". Just another piece of *** Bluegreen Sales ***.


First of all you should have done your homework ALL timeshares need planning if you can not plan ahead then timeshare is not for you.

We plan ahead and have always been able to get what we wanted this year we have 30 days all back to back with our points

Please dont complain when you are charged for being late with your MF we as owners all Know they are due 15th Nov each year

We have never had anything stolen and houskeeping bend over backwards to help and the workers are always very pleasent we, in the 6yrs of ownership we have never come across any rude worker.

Before you say anything we have spent a lot more that 6 days on property in those 6 years

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