Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We recently purchased a Bluegreen resort stay at BassPro for 699 and I'm so glad I spoke to my sister who told me about this website. We don't plan on buying a timeshare we just wanted a nice get away without phones.

We are going to play by their rules and go on our 120 minute required tour and tell them no one time and walk out.

I'm so glad to know this is a scam and I will tell them we have read all the reviews and there is no way we would ever purchase anything from them ever again.

I am so sorry so many people have been scammed by these people. Thanks to all who posted and told me about this website...

Monetary Loss: $699.

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Today- I just received a call from an extremely pushy salesperson who "alluded" that I had won something from a drawing entered at Bass Pro Shop, in which they then ask for my credit card info to secure this amazing $1000 deal for only $299. When I tell them NO, I am not comfortable giving you my CC# when I am not aware of any entry at BP, they put someone else on the phone attempting to strong-arm me into giving them my CC info.

When I asked them if they could mail me the information, they said with my CC#, I told them NO- I am calling Bass Pro to verify Blue Green so give me your number so I can call you back- in which the man said Blue Green could not accept incoming calls but he would be glad to call me back in an hour. After hanging up on him, I called the local Bass Pro store who said that Blue Green is a legitimate company that sets up in their store, however they are not supposed to be calling anyone. They were set up in their store to sell time shares- not call Bass Pro customers. I then attempted to call Blue Green Corporate (as advised by the Bass Pro store manager) in which a recording said that my wait time was 30 minutes- no thanks!

Then stumbled upon this site and several other with numerous complaints about Blue Green Corporation and Resorts.

So I called Bass Pro Corporate who also verified that Blue Green was a "real company" but NO they are not supposed to be calling people, especially not conducting themselves in such a pushy persistent fashion, especially not throwing the Bass Pro name around. Hopefully with enough complaints, Bass Pro will not allow these pushy Blue Green reps into their stores anymore!


Scott maybe you better listen to some of the many happy owners as well plenty in you neck of the woods

You could also contact HC .... the worldleader on Bluegreen


Hello Anonymous,

I am a consumer reporter in Oklahoma City working on a story related to Bluegreen Resort scam complaints. I am interested in talking with you about your experience with the company. Please contact me at scott.hines@kfor.com.

@Scott Hines

Scott hines, who do you work for? I would talk to you about how they lied to me in las vegas and sold me just a small package but pissed off cause the lied about being able to stay.

I just got online to chat on there site an was telling me what I thought an they hung up on me an blocked me from getting back on the chat. Just want to make sure your who you say u are.


If i bought the 240 package today can i still cancel it?


Ok, Honest Citizen. I can get behind that.

I think that is wonderful idea. Just as an added side note they do compensate and try to fix the wrongs they see that they have done. If there was something that was done improperly or wrong they try to fix it and make it better. We don't want a bad name.

We want people to enjoy what we offer. As a rep however, I don't have anything on my level that can be done. However, if I get a call or I have someone come in who is having or has had an issue with anything you best believe I go out of my way to try and fix it by doing what I can or getting them to the people that can help them. I also give my personal cell number to all of my customers so they know they can reach me anytime at all for anything pertaining to these packages.

I hope you have a good time.

If you do or even if you dont please let me know and I will give you my contact info and I will fix whatever I can. God bless.


Well Lucy I do believe that I have plenty of information. The state of PA already proved BG 's unethical and fraudulent practices.

However, you have inspired me to gather more information. Perhaps I will go undercover as one of you people. Or maybe I will grit my teeth and buy one of the packages. Thank you!!!!

Investigative journalism is a great idea.....complete with written and video journals from start to finish. If by some strange chance I find that what you are saying is true....that PA was wrong...that all of these victims are just making this up....I will report that too. God bless.

And BTW I only go by Honest Citizen or HC. If you truly believe in your company and it's management why can't you provide some assistance to the victims by having management provide compensation for their losses.

It is going to happen anyway as more and more class action suits are won. If BG would do it themselves they might have some positive publicity for a change.


There is a saying, this society has reduced itself to being a population that signs contracts they do not read for things they do not need with money they do not have. It is very true.

I love my company but guys read what you sign and buy then there would be far less complaints and far less people who feel they're being duped. You're not, you just have to read what you buy, its all there. When I sell, I make sure they know what they are getting and they understand it,all. I have many happy customers.

"Honest citizen", you are speaking of things you know nothing of on a first hand basis, you're assuming and it is unintelligent. Please stop. I'm a hardworking honest person who sells a good product. If you don't like it that is ok, I can't make you.

I don't want to try. However, your very biased and untruthful statements hurt the reputation of a company that has been around for years and hurt hardworking people as well. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it a scam, just because someone doesn't read the contract they sign doesn't mean they were tricked. It means they need to read, ask questions.

I encourage it. I would rather have no sale than have someone buy who regrets it. For one thing I feel awful about that, second of all it gets us something called sales alerts which can cause us to lose our job. If we get three sales alerts we are fired.

Do not speak of something you know not of. I am not *** and neither is my company. You are being misleading and defamatory. Not to mention cruel to all the hardworking sales people.

I sell a good product, you don't like it or want it fine but don't call us lying *** We aren't all good but most of us are honest good people. To let you know, I'm not getting paid which is what I'm sure you're going to say.

Because you're knowledge of my job is severely lacking. I am standing up for what I believe in, not for the money but I believe one should stand up and say this is wrong.


Newark....How can you steal something that the pushy BG people are trying their best to convince you is free? I cancelled after doing my homework.

After seeing your insulting comments using multiple names it is apparent that you are one of these sleazy people.

Are you at Bass Pro? Or perhaps you are one of telemarketers that Bass Pro sells personal information to?


So you want to SCAM them and steal a free vacation from them?


Bass Pro is where I almost got scammed. Glad I came home and googled.


Let's all boycott Bass Pro. If they were reputable they would throw those scummy Bluegreen salespeople out of their stores.


Hello again Bill....I am not an attorney....but I do encourage anyone who has been scammed to contact their Attorney General. This seems to be the most appropriate course of action....the BBB has already refused accreditation ....so that would be a waste of time.


sorry I missed you comment about sleeping

I have to hold my hand up I dont sleep at night .................. but before you jump up and down for joy I just have to tell you the reason why I dont sleep at nights ..................I WORK THE NIGHTSHIFT. LOL

by the way whats the name of your law firm since it looks to me as you are trying to drum up a little business


Honest citizen now thats a laugh you Know nothing about the vaction club but you seem to think everyone who is a happy owner must work for BG or are paid to say the vaction club is wonderful

Maybe YOU should try it


Dear UK....I would never lower myself to work for any timeshare company. I am truly an honest citizen out to help protect other innocent citizens from scams like Bluegreen.

I do not want or need a "free" vacation. I have never had any dealings with you people....I AM tired of being attacked my these people at the local Bass Pro....so decided to investigate their motives. When I founds thousands and thousands of victims....I decided that we must put an end to this.

How do you sleep at night?

Please refrain from trying to intimidate these victims. It is no longer going to work for you or any other paid defenders.


I am not a cleaner I can tell you that for free.

Maybe you are paid by another timeshare company to discredit Bluegreen ...... How do we know?

If you ever owned a timeshare then you will understand *** the whole industry works, it appears you know nothing.

I rest my case

Roll on to my next Bluegreen vacation


UK is obviously a "cleaner"..... these people are being paid to discredit honest people who are simply trying to protect the general public.


well another sheep I see follow on likr the rest of them .

Sorry it is not a scam

but then again you seem to be one of the freeloaders who want a free holiday

If you are so concerned that it is a scam and you do NOT want a timeshare then why are you going.

you freeloaders make me sick, out for what you can get then complain what a joke you are.

and no I do not work for Bass Pro

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