Livingston, Texas
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Purchased a Sampler for $900.00. Did not use $1.00 of it ..

They will not let us have or use any of it.. Rip off company..If you buy a vaction from bluegreen resort be sure to check dates.. They will not reimburse you for anything.. You would think if you give $900.00 cash for something you would get something back in return.

We got nothing because of dates..My suggestion do not deal with Bluegreen Resort..I talked to an Ahley on the phone, she said they were sorry because of an experation date. If you give $900.00 cash, there should not be an experation.. We did not use the money at all.

We just gave it to them.. and they were sorry..

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I know many people who have gotten the sampler and were unhappy because they didn't read what the rules were, before they signed up for it..

Those who read how it would work, have been very happy.


Did you not read before you signed, it is a sampler and as such does have black out dates ie most f the peak periods, These peak periods are when there is less availabilty and as such is reserved for owners of points not samplers.

I find it hard to understand that in the rest of the year you were so busy every weekend etc that you were unable to use it. If this was the case then why even go to a timeshare presentation since to be able to get the best use out of your points you need to plan and be flexable.

How many points did you have ... 9000 at a guess which would have given you plenty of opertunity to try a few resorts on short breaks, many people have used this method and then gone on to buy points.

I am afraid to say it but you were not ripped off at all you failed to understand what you were buying and therefore if any blaim needs to be placed then it falls onto your shoulders and yours alone

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