Shady Point, Oklahoma
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We recently had reservations at a BlueGreen Resort in Branson, MO. The Falls, it was a horrible experience.

We had reserved two studio's in July of 2012 for stay in late October 2012. When we arrived (two couples in one vehicle) we were a half mile from each other. There were NO parking at the building we were in and we had to park three building up the hill from where we stayed. I asked for help with parking and they said they would try to have unauthorized vehicles moved, but of course that didn't happen.

I asked to speak to a manager and the girl said she wouldn't have one until Sunday afternoon. I said I'm sure you can reach one by phone and so she reluctantly called, the manager Kreg Sloan would not speak with me? The next day I asked again and at that point I suggested I would go to the sales office and stand outside and advise anyone about to take a tour that BlueGreen does not take care of their owners. To make a long story short, by finally speaking to a SALES MANAGER, I received some service by relocating both couples to one building and the building had ample parking.

A day later KREG SLOAN called and asked if we had been taking care of and I told him yes, but to NO efforts on his part. He should not be in a management position if he will not speak to owners who have problems.

The main manager Suzzane Wainscott never contacted us at all. POOR MANAGEMENT PERIOD!

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My wife and I bought almost two years ago. We love it.

We have used it 18 times and looking for are next one now. We own at Big Cedar. We have been to many of the resorts that Bluegreen owns and a few with RCI. I have booked all of them on the days we wanted but one.

I had to move it two days to get the one we wanted. We have stayed in cabins, 1, 2, 3 bedroom condos. We are heading to Disney in 3 weeks. We booked that about 3 months ago.

I think if you know how to use it you can stay where you want when you want. ..... USE COMMON SENCE...... If it's the week of July 4th you need to book as soon as you know you want to go to that resort.

If you think your going to get a 3 bedroom cabin two weeks before the week of the 4th, your probably not going to get it. As for the Maintance fees. That is the insurance, taxes and upkeep of the property. Do you think you could have a two bedroom condo with 4 and 5 star amenities for less taxes, insurance and upkeep for what you pay??

My parents owned a two bedroom condo that did not have half the things you get at most of the Bluegreen resorts and paid almost twice what I pay for 18000 points. If we keep using it like we have we will have paid very little to stay at 4 and 5 star resorts over the years. If I break down how much it cost us per night of stay.

It costs about $63.50 a night. Can you stay at a Motel 6 for that?????

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