Greenville, South Carolina
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My husband and i have been bluegreen owners for 12 years and have ours payed for. only reason we are still owners are because we cant get anyone to buy ours ,if we had to do all over and know what we do now we would never of bought into their lies and scams.

We had 7,000 point to use we booked 6,600 point on 7-5-2012. to stay at Las Vegas Club36 also payed for 2 airplain tickets to fly from knox tennessee to there and payed for a rental car so it would be ready when we got there, so on 9-01-2012 we drive to knox spend the night in hotel get up at 5am on 9-02-2012 and fly out to chigcago then catch flight there fly to LasVegas arrive get renal car go to our resort they tell us that we had no reservation that it had been canceled on 8-31-2012 we had our papers where we made our reservations on 7-5-2012 they said that didnt matter and we said we did not canceal we told them why would we buy tickets fly from tennessee to las vegas and pay for a rental car if we did not have reservations, thay said well if you go to a 90 min owner update it will all be took care of, we did then they keep us for 3hrs and cause we would not buy anymore points they took our 6,600 points plus they stole 6,600 more points we had from us that was a total of 13,200 points they took from us to stay there and it was only 6,600 points when we booked.

they told us if we would buy more points or a new package it would only cost us our points it was supose to the 6,600 but if we didnt they were taking another 6,600 points from us and we could do nothing. so dont buy from these people bluegreen is not what they say u can never sell or get rid of it they dont buy back and we have never been able to rent ours and it cant be wrote off on taxes i know i own a company and i have never been able to use it on my taxes and if u think u really have to buy into their lies and scams they are plenty of owners who will sell you theirs really cheap dont buy from them .

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