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3-4 years ago, we spent 1 night at the Blue Green resort in Boyne Mt Michigan. We sat through an extremely high pressured, uncomfortable 90" sales talk to purchase a time share.

(our end of the bargain for a complimentary stay) We have paid dearly ever since. About a year later, we purchased a nite for $99 but cancelled it. Since then, we have been called quarterly to get us to come back to the resort. I have tried every tactic know to get them to cease and desist..rude, hang up, yell at them, be polite and explain do not call...but NOTHING WORKS!

2 months ago a supervisor called and basically told me how stupid I was to pay full price for anything and why would I not want to come back to Blue Green. I hung up on her. I just got another call and it seems like they are all brain dead...they DO NOT UNDERSTAND what DO NOT call me again means. It seems that everyone has to use their own phone because none of the calls are identified as Blue Green.

Most of the time I don't answer but that doesn;t make a difference, they just keep calling. They are the most unethical, unprofessional organization I have ever had the misfortune to get involved with. They are like a bad rash that won't go away.

BTW..the Boyne Mt resort is a nice property, but this is the exception to others I have seen or heard about...pricey dumps. If you see the word BLUE GREEN on anything, run like the devil is on your heels Beth Ellis Grand Rapids

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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