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Hello, to all,

I have been reading some of these e-mails. The only action we all have is take action into our own. I recommend you write the Federal Trade Commission and Cc: Bluegreen's company president. I wrote a letter urging the FTC to make these companys public and how they ripe off the consumers and take advantage of families. The addresses are below, I know in this quick e-mail internet world no one actaully writes letters anymore, but it will help if we all write enough!!!

All this company cares about is taking your money, and these days it's hard earned money. They don't tell you about the increase and fees, they don't tell you how "your points" aren't enough to go to the newer places they are building, one rep told us a timeshare is a "liability", great! Write those letters, take action and feel like you've done something!!! Thanks!

Ms. Deborah Platt Majoras


Federal Trade Commission

600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, DC 20580

Cc: Bluegreen President

Bluegreen Corporation

4960 Conference Way North, Suite 100

Boca Raton, FL 33431

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What a load of sadoes you lot are, moaning because you cant get availability when you folks we have NEVER had problems with availability.

Who in there right mind buys a timeshare as an investment to make $$ (god theres on born every miniute) you of all people should lose the lot if you ever think that time share is there to make YOU a packet. It is for the enjoyment of taking vacations you ***

By the way the only people making money out of you lot will be the lawyers (god bless them ----- give them your money so the can pay their M/F LOL )

Get a life and yes i am looking forward to going to New York on my points very soon


I too have been duked. I have also had numerous calls from companys inviting to get me out of the timeshare, but Im afraid thats another scam. someone help


Hi there everybody,

I was reading this and i was wondering, ws anybody succesful to get rid of Bluegreen? Does anybody have a lawyer to recommened? Please email me t

Sales people lied to us about the whole thing and we beleived them. We never used our time because we bought as an investment, during sale process we were told they would be renting our points and we would make some money, of course afterwords, it turned out they don't offer this anymore. This whole thing causes just a huge headacke, these people should be put to jail.


My husband and I have had issues with Bluegreen from the very beginning (2000)Unfortunately we signed then found out about the deception and misleading info. My thought is this - if there are obviously so many unhappy, dissatisfied and generally pissed off customers, why not find an attorney, file a class action suit and hold them accountable.

I don't care if I ever recoup a dime - I just want out at this point. Sick of maintenance fees and have never been able to use the points for anything because there is no availability - even when trying to book 11 months in advance! I'm game.

Contact me and let's do something production besides complain about this company. Maybe we can save some other uninformed consumer!


I'm right there with all of you... They told us our anual fees would only be 270 a year and they have been well more than double that for the last two years.

And of course because of what we owe on it we can't get rid of it either.

Any company that has called me to sell it for me also wants money up front and say they can get it sold but when you pull up their BBB report they are all negative. Need help to get rid of our timeshare


I will be writing a letter to the FTC and CC the president of the company. If for nothing else just so I know I did something. It's just very frustrating to know that companys get away with fraud and there is nothing we can do except post our comments and hope someone out there cares enough to stop Bluegreen from taking advantage of us.


I paid for a trip a few years ago and never went; BlueGreen doesn't want to either honor the trip or give me a full or partial refund. They are ripping people off completely and I say just stay away. If sounds to good to be is!!


I don't understand why the happy Bluegreen people are so upset with us. We didn't go for the free gift me and my husband went to buy a good vacation we got the sampler only because I was geting sick it was very sad.

I don\'t know how they can sleap at night they gave me the creaps we paid 1000, to get away from them.

I say them cause they tagteam you. If I can save one person from the Bluegreen Devil I will



Hello, each letter would be different. Mine explained how we came into Bluegreen and our experiences since becoming and owner and how we have struggled and been so unhappy and deceived by them, all of them.

I recommended the FTC because there was a small, brief article recently from the FTC wanting to be contacted by families/patrons. So give it a try! Sit down, take a breath, and have it come from the heart! If for nothing else it will make you feel better knowing you have done something and tried to make a difference.

Express your concerns, take action, they can't dismiss us all? Thanks for checking in, thanks for writing...mine are off and in the mail!!!

Take care, be well!!! Judy


Judyc316 are you willing to draft a letter up. To make sure that we all would know what that would look like.

I will send the letter to the president if needed. I'm tired of paying my hard earned money and getting no service for it.

Please let's all come together and change what has happen to us. Thanks.

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