We have been members since 2010 and it was the worst decision we ever made. It is all lies nothing that we were promised has happened.

We can never get a room when or where we want and they tell you what a good investment this is and it is anything but. We HATE it, every time I try to use it I only get mad. I have never once be satisfied with Bluegreen.

The couple of times we have used it we have been pressured to go to another sales meeting where we have been all but forced into buying more time and all I want is to get rid of the stuff I already have. So the best advice is to stay away

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I've been a owner since 2001 and I get the same thing . You need to do what I do tell them your just here for your gift and give them a time limit of 1 br like the tell u when u check in. My family is on vacation now in Orlando staying at the fountain and they are nice and I had no problem booking.I will not ever up grade and give them any more money.


If you have a hard time getting into the resorts you want, you probably aren't booking early enough. They pretty much tell you, over and over again in my experience, that you need to book 13 months in advance in order to be able to guarantee you'll get where you want.

Also, some people end up under-purchasing for what they need in order to vacation where and when they want to. That's actually the biggest problems I've seen. Go on Facebook to the various non-Bluegreen sponsored pages and you can get some valuable information! There are very knowledgeable people on there who have been members for a very long time and can help you use your investment.

Believe me, I was ready to sell or even just give away our points because I as so frustrated but between a great sales rep at Laurel Crest in Pigeon Forge and all the help I've gotten on the Facebook pages I think I can make this work! Good luck to you!


How do I get to this Facebook page. We need some info on resorts and getting questions answered.

Reading all this negative stuff has made me anxious about bluegreen. Guess I did not read enough before we signed up.


I agree can't get were u what to be it is the middle class paying for the upper class to vacation !! Would someone like to by my points .

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