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What a scam. They not only milk you for the over priced cost of the deal, but they increase the maintenance fees by 30 % every year.

When you sign the docs, they ask for beneficiaries. They don't tell you that your children will HAVE to accept the timeshare and pay the maintenance fees until they die and then THEIR children get stuck with it. There are never any dates available and they have very few actual Bluegreen resorts. If you book through their partner, RCI, you have to pay more than the actual cost of a 4 star hotel/resort.

You can't sell them, none wants them. You can't even GIVE them away. The word is out about the scam. IT is so illegal, how they lie and exaggerate.

Really surprised the Feds haven't shut them down yet.

They must donate lots to the campaigns. They certainly have enough of our money to do it.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Bluegreen Resorts Pros: That the rooms have kitchens.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Stole my money, Sales, Being lied to.

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I too was concerned about my son having to be burdened with this *** so I talked to several legal advisors and I was told that there is no law that says just because a person is a beneficiary or inherits something that they HAVE to accept it. What needs to happen after the owners of record (names on the contract or deed) pass away within 30 days of the passing the beneficiary(s) or heir(s) should send a letter by certified mail stating that they do not want the property/membership.

I found a sample letter and I have instructed my son to send that letter immediately upon my death. I also traded emails with Bluegreen customer service about this and in the end she agreed that was true.

I printed those emails and put them with my documentation. The Bluegreen rep finally agreed that ultimately if no heir was willing to accept it the membership would be 'returned' to the corporation.

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