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We purchased our timeshare at the fountains 3 years ago. Wife and I felt so pressured into buying, spent almost 6 hours there wasted our whole day getting sucked into this scam.

They told us if we didn't use our points we can keep them which was a lie. Never mentioned anything about the MF and club fees. We haven't book a trip yet, find impossible to do. We bought biannual points but we have to pay fees every year, what a joke.

How does a company get away with this scamming people every day.

Looking to get out of this nightmare. Also this contract never expires so my poor kids and their kids etc...will have to pay for these fees and not get to use the timeshare, what a joke.

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Also bought biannual two years later they told us our points would only cover 2 -3 days instead of a week and we pay 435 a year maintenance fee. Trying to find a way to sell. Even if I have to take a lose


You definitely need to learn how to use your Bluegreen. It's unfortunate that you purchased despite feeling pressured.

It is in no way impossible to book lovely vacations.

I've been booking great vacations for 8 years, and my adult children LOVE our Bluegreen, and can't wait to have my points ! My son uses the points I let him pay maintenance fees on, to stay on Disneyland property each year....saving $3,000 from what he'd have to pay otherwise to stay at the Wilderness Lodge, last year's trip, or the Contemporary, this year's trip.


They explained everything to us and did a great job. Biennial points are billed at half the rate of the annual fees. We love it and we continue to vacation year after year : :grin :grin


Actually, your kids are not necessarily stuck. If, for some reason, you do not get rid of or abandon this albatross and still own it when you pass away, your children can refuse to inherit it.

But why wait that long?

If you do not need to refinance anything, buy a car, or get a home equity loan in the near future, just stop paying!

Pay yourself the money, save up for what you need, and you can probably go on nicer vacations. Tell Bluegreen that if they do not send you a deed in lieu of foreclosure they can stick their scam where the sun don't shine.


Agree it is quite a racket. Many things they don't tell you about the whole process.

It is very hard to get reservations when you want them, and there are so many restrictions it is ridiculous!'

Wish we would have never gotten sucked into this whole thing. May have to take a loss, but it would be worth it!


You are an ***.


Are u a bluegreen must be to make a comment like all the stories online about this one is happy with them unless you work for them, past employees don't like the way they do business...I booked my only vacation with them as a non being a member I cannot book a place anywhere nationwide.


My parents have been owners for many years and we love the time share, however in order to get the places and dates you want it pays to be a silver member or higher. Any owner who is silver or higher has axcess to the resorts before anyone else.

Most people buy in at bronze just to be able to use the bluegreen resorts but what many people dont know is other higher owners can book before you. So less options and dates available to choose from as an owner lower on the totem pole.

If you keep buying in you will get up there though, and you have to be presented with a good deal. If you like taking vacations and staying at nice places its so worth it.


What do u think I'm going to pay more money to these scammers to upgrade...READ all the stories before you make a dumb comments.





They get away with this scamming because people do not know the meaning of the word "no". Sorry, but this is difficult to get rid of at this point. See ads on this same page.

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