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Bluegreen resorts put my family on 4th of july holiday in a dump of a place. Patrick Henry Inn in williamsburg virginia.

There was mold on the bathroom floors the ceilings i thought was gonna fall on our heads..The pool stairs shaked as you walked down them afraid to go back up.. How dare they expect me to buy a resort timeshare when they had the nerve to put us in a place like this for the weekend to stay.. I am flabergasted by this company and will bad mouth this company for as long as I live.

Hopefully something good will come out of this message to all who go through bluegreen..

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Just to let you know, I've stayed at the Patrick Henry Inn and you were lucky to have a cheap weekend. The normal price for a room on a holiday weekend is 120 dollars per night.

It's a business. If you wanted 5 star quality, you should have stayed at another hotel for 300 dollare per night. In this world, you get what you pay for. If you don't understand, under construction, then you're at fault.

Have you ever stayed at any other Bluegreen Resort? They are 5 star with fantastic accomodations. I think some people on this site need to actually try the timeshare product before complaining about it. It is cost effective and a better vacation opportunity that normal hotel stays.

If you vacation 1 week each year at 150 dollars per night, how much do you spend over ten years. Bluegreen offers you the opportunity to own the product and pay over ten years and for the rest of your life and your families lives you own it. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Get over your petty complaints and try it sometime. I think you'll love it.


I just went through the tour. Very unprofessional sales staff. They seem to have a good product but employ used car sales tactics.


"get off Bluegreens jock"

I am no salesman wouldnt have a job in sales for love nor money.

You go for the "freebies " becase you want somthing for nothing and then shout scam when a salesman does his job and sells you somthing you had no intention of buying, and if you had no intention of buy why did you go to the presentation in the first place. I would say that you are one sad person if that is the highlight of your weekend.

Anyone will tell you that nothing in this life is free and these "freebies" cost your more with all the restrictions than if you had got of you fat butt and arranged it all yourself.

And yes I did do the Maths and got the right answer (maybe because I have an education) and worked out the simple answer of how much I spent and how much I will have to spend on MF and then after i have deducted the savings made on all the vacations I have taken the simple asnwer is I am a winner and you are a loser.

So with all your "freebies" bluegreen still came out on top you sucker


Hey "owner"

You know you snake oil salesmen keep wanting to bad mouth the people who go for the "freebies" and excuse your sorry excuse of a rip off company. If the product they are trying to sell was such a great deal, they wouldn't have to sucker people in with offers of tons of free gifts.

Yeah, I went for the freebies because that is what they marketed to me, not a timeshare, but freebies. They didn't mention there *** sales gimmick until they get you in their office. I got my freebies, pretty nice vacation package and wouldn't buy your ***.

Bluegreen is for *** people who are bad with math and they employ people that should really consider an education instead of working for a company that programs you to read a script like a trained monkey. Your elementary sales tactics are very telling of your limitations.


it seems to me that people on here make comments about Bluegreen Vacation club who are not members and have no idea on the accom provided by the club

Owner is right in that the resort is not ready and bill did u think to ask if they made a complaint to the managment. I have to say yes Bill you should not have to put up with unclean and unsafe but then again if these people did not bring it to anyones attention and give them a chance to put it right

but come on Bill lets be realistic.

the resort is under construction these people got a very cheap vacation over a main holiday period then complain on here but do not say if they stayed to finish there vacation or got moved to another room.

So I think we need a few more facts before we condem people


hmmmm.....under construction is not an excuse for mold, if you are marketing a hotel property under your name then it's not acceptable to blame previous owners for the condition, unsafe conditions is not acceptable for any operating company. So if Lanzacna went for a low cost weekend or not, he still has the right to expect what was marketed or sold to him.

All operators like this fully understand that some people just come for the trip not to buy, which is why they "make" you stay for the 90 minute tour in its entirety. Poor quality is a poor reflection on the operator. So my comment to Owner is.....

there no excuse for unclean or unsafe. It's bad business and reflects poorly.


What you have omited to say is that since you have stayed at the Patrick Henery Inn you are fully awear that the resort is under construction and that the Inn is still in the state that BG bought it from the previous Hotel Group.

Was there any reason you wanted to go on the 4th July Holiday or was it so you could get a freebie holiday.

Please if you are going to badmouth a company then give all the facts and not omit those that explain why the Hotel is in such a state

you tried to scam them and u got a bad hotel well tough *** spend some of your own money on a holiday instead of trying to get a freebie then complaining

Shame on you

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