Evansville, Indiana

Last week 06/08/2009 we went to Gatlinburg. My in-laws went with us.

My father-in-law was wanting to look at timeshares. We went to the flea market on Sunday where Bluegreen had booths set up. We were told that we would get a two night 3 day vacation and a 75 dollar visa card for viewing their timeshare presentation on Monday. To view the timeshare you have to give them 20 dollars that is refundable (only after you put up an argruement).

Before leaving the flea market my mother-in-law get a call stating that due to use traveling together that her and my father-in-law cannot attend the presentation (it's company policy). My mohter-in-law said okay and told the gentleman that she would send their receipt with us on Monday so they could get their 20 dollars returned. He said okay. Well I ended up calling back because this didn't sound right.

We were traveling together but we lived in two seperate households (why not try to sell two instead of one). My wife and I get up Monday morning to drive 45 minutes from where we were staying only to be treated like trash. Upon arriving I gave the girl our reciept and then my in-laws and explained to her that someone had called and told them not to show up. She took both reciepts and told us to have a seat.

After about 10 minutes they called me back to the front desk and had a form for me to fill out. On that form had our vacation, 75 dollar cash card, and 20 dollar refund listed at the top. I ask about getting 40 dollar refund and they informed that they could not do that. I was told that they could not refund my in-laws money that they would have to come and claim it themselves.

Staff were very rude about the whole sitituation. When questioning they stated that they would check and get back with us. I filled out my sheet and returned it. When returning the sheet they asked to see my credit card.

Oops I only have a debit card. Well once again I was asked to have a seat 35 minutes later I was called to the front desk and told that since we didn't have a major credit card we could not see the presentation and they gave me a 20 dollar Visa card. Again they were very rude and not accomadating at all. When my in-laws went to get their 20 dollars they were even treated worse.

They hinted that they we were not telling the truth about anyone from their office calling in the first place. Then instead of a Visa card they wrote them a check and told them they could take it to the bank to cash it. More time out of our vacation. We wasted a total of 3 hours only to get harrassed.

We both went to Westgate resorts, took the tour, got 75 dollars cash for both couples, and a 25 dollar meal card.

My father-in-law purchased a time share that day.

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:p You people(mike Jones) must be the only ones that are happy w/ blugreen. the lady that sold mine to me lied,just out and out lied!!!I pointed to 2 days that I wanted to use, not knowing how the points system worked, one day said 3500 and I said " oh is that for the week?

so they must just pro rate it for a day or 2" and she said" Oh yea it's something like that" LIE..

it was 3500 points per night..I only bought a small pakg of 7000 points for $2000.00 which meant that it was going to cost me $1000.00 a night but I did not find this out till I had signed and it was 2 months later that I tried to set up the date I had wanted.. We are still paying and can"t get out from under this...am trying to find help


HAHAHA......Oh my GOD!!!!!

Bluegreen is the worst company on the plant and they routinly cheat their owners out of thier hard earned money!

Folks, seriously....These turds who come to these consumer alert sites and post rebuttals to complaints are paid employees. They work for Bluegreen!!!!!

All you have to do is take about 30 mintues and just brows the thousands of complaints around the internet about Bluegreen. It will take you less than an hour to learn the truth.


You are a scam artist loser. Bluegereen is a reputable company that treats its owners like gold :grin


well if that is being treated like gold give me Platinum any day...


Bluegreen treats its owners like gold. I've owned 12 years and absolutely love it!

You try to scam companies and you ask for your vacation time to be wasted. Get a job you loser and stop trying to make a reputable company pay for your lowlife family's vacation.

People like you make me sick! Sap!


:eek If you werent trying to scam the resorts you go to maybe your carma would be better. I have owned for ten years and I lub it.

And they call westgate Hellsgate. Maybe scammers deserve to own there


Tell them no and they will never shut up and purposly try to make you sit around longer listening to their apple sause to ornges presentations!


I agree - God help him with Westgate!!!! My wife and I just returned from Gatlinburg and we toured Blue Gree WITH a DEBIT card only.

They never gave us any problem about the debit card, we were treated with care and even though we didn't buy a package that day, we bought a sample package and are going back to visit Blue Green and will probably buy at that time. We even went to the resorts there and asked to look at the units and they were more than happy to allow us to do that WITHOUT a sales person (we took our time and looked by ourselves).

The staff were all very professional, attentive, and very friendly making sure that all our questions were answered before we left. One of the front desk ladies at Mountain Loft gave us her card with her direct line in case we had questions later, which my wife did and when she called her back the lady was as friendly and helpful as when we were there in person.


oh shut up moaning will you? you are just nit picking at 3 hours wasted time of you vacation and 20 dollars ..moan bloody moan!


If you read the fine print, it states very clearly that two groups of people that know eachother CANNOT attend the presentation at the same time. Don't try to scam Bluegreen, you just need to understand the policies.

This is coming from a happy blue green customer- I do not work for them.


God help him with Westgate thats all I can say

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