Doylestown, Pennsylvania

We paid approximately 180 dollars for a 3 nite stay and a promise of a 100 dollar visa card and a 3 nite cruise after completion of the presentation. When we arrived we were put in a terrible dirty room .

We signed into the welcome center where our forms of ID were accepted. The next morning the agent said our forms of ID were unacceptable.We had W2 forms and paycheck stubs along with multiple mail with our address on it . My boyfriend had a military ID, which is accepted all over the world. This was not good enough for them and we were told we would be charged for 3 nite stay at resort prices .

What a scam . The people were rude .

The next morning a maintenance worker was killed by an unsafe elevator. What a terrible experience

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Your Military boyfriend should have beat the living *** out of the guy who said your IDs were unacceptable! I hope you called your credit card company to dispute the "resort prices" they charged you.


was this at Tradewinds? they said we only needed our drivers license to check in...what else do you need?

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