Pickerington, Ohio
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I was told the maintenance fees would be about $256 a year on my 14000 points. My first bill 6 months later was $428.60 and that was only for 6 months!!!!

I am so mad I can't see straight. There is no one willing to help me from Bluegreen. Therefore I am probably going to have to bring a lawsuit against them. They told me they were recording my commitment on tape and I plainly reminded them about the maintenance fees in that recording.

When I asked the Supervisor of the call in number to check the recording he simply continued to say that according the the contract I agreed to the amount on the paper. They are wrong. I looked carefully at the contract and there are no numbers shared about how much the maintenance fees would be. Only that I would have to pay them.

I was also not told that I had up to 10 days to change my mind. DO NOT BUY THIS AND BE STUCK WITH THIS PROBLEMS LIKE ME!!!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I was fooled kinda the same way. I've been a owner 15 years.

I bought because of the low maintenance fee too. I did not realize it was just a base maintenance fee and that additional charge is placed on each point you purchased.


The same thing happened to us. We want to file a small claims suit against them.

No where in contact does it say we would be charged the first 6m. Liars!

They are only out to get your $$! Can't even go on a vacation w the points we have!


The internet is a great thing. People like you get to vent and others get to learn.

Sorry about your circumstances.

Timeshare salesmen are known to misrepresent the facts. It is called "lying." That is how they make a living, as most people would not buy a timeshare if they only heard the truth.

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