Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
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We purchased ours on December 20th and have been trying for a month now to reach someone to help us out of this mess. There customer service is horrible!

I was constantly put on hold, told to call other places, etc.

I sent several letters to cancel, with none of them being received by the company. Big surprise.We are so upset and will let everyone know its not a family friendly business, its all about the money and screwing the customers.We will do what ever it takes to get out from this company and never deal with them ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Deal.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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chale que engaño mas grande! que he conocido..!


I can help you. Please email me at ryan@timesharegone.com or call me at 281-785-3165 for further details.


Did you cancel within the rescission period as specified in the contract? Do you have proof (like a certified mail receipt) that you sent this cancellation notice?

Sometimes it takes 30-45 days for you to get your money back. In the meantime, contact your bank and/or credit card company to make sure that Bluegreen does not charge you. Contest any credit card charges you may have. If necessary, contact the relevant state Attorney General or licensing agency about this Bluegreen resort if you think they did something illegal.

Some of these agencies have complaint forms on the Internet. In Wisconsin, the applicable department is the Department of Safety and Professional Services.


Hi victor I feel I was pressured into buying this timeshare and would like to cancel if u can help me I would greatly appreciate it. My name is fred besold and my email addressis fredbesold@yahoo.com please contact me asap as I have just purchased this on april 15, 2014. I have two small children and cannot afford to be scammed.

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