Raleigh, North Carolina

My husband and I have owned for about 5 years now and it doesn't seem like we will ever get out of this. Bluegreen sales reps are all liers.

We have tried for over a year with two different companies to sell and have not had any luck. They are good at making promises but when it comes down to backing up their words, they are useless. You can't sell it, rent it out or get what you want when you want it. This company is a big rip off.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

It seems to me that they could try to help people who want to get out even at a loss rather than try to keep selling more and *** off more and more people. What a rip off!

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Yea right! I have the same point package and for 1 whole year, it didn't matter what day/ month, there was nothing available for us in places we want to go.

The longest wait was 6 months...and this is in our home state! You love BG that much? You want to buy my timeshare?

They lied during the presentation, they lied about everything! BG is a scam!


My wife and I have been Bluegreen owners for over two years, and just recently upgraded. We love the Bluegreen resorts.

We always get the reservations we want with no problems. The maintenance fees are too high at approx. $100.00 per month. The staff has alway been very nice and go out of their way to please.

The only thing we do not like is the sales pitch every time you vacation. They insist you need to go and get the latest updates, what a waste of your vacation time.


I have one of the smallest points packages you can buy, 8,000 points every other year. I have no problem making reservations.

My husband and I both work weekends, so we travel Sun - Thurs. These days are in less demand and cost fewer points. We get a couple mini-vacations a year on points and go to Charleston a couple times a year on bonus time.

The difference between a $200 hotel in the historic district vs $49 a night for a studio at Lodge Alley pretty much covers our maintenance fee. You just have to know how to use it to your advantage, and it is a great way to vacation.

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