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OK, here is my story. My wife and I went on their tour and for what its worth thought that it was a good deal to get into. After some thought, 45 minutes of financial consulting with my wife, we agreed to a deal with Bluegreen at MountainLoft Resorts in Gatlinburg, TN on June 14, 2008. We were secure in our decision until we came across this webpage and read the discussions against this resort. After further research of Bluegreen's negative issues and not finding a single positive, we decided to rescind our contract.

We had 10 days from the day of agreement to cancel obligation, so I sent 2 certified letters (one to corporate and one to the Resort). Two weeks later, I called the corporate office and spoke with Owner Services. The associate tells me that they received the letter of cancellation and that the refund will be credited back to our account within 20 or 30 days. That call was made on July 1. In the contract its clearly states, " The refund shall be made with in twenty(20) days after Bluegreen's receipt and acceptance of the notice of cancellation, or within five days of receipt of funds from the Purchaser's Cleaed check." Today is the July 28 and no refund. I called today reciting back to the company of their contract and they were speechless. After 10 secs of silence the associate was aware that the refund was issued within 45 days instead of 20. I corrected her again by reciting. They proceeded to give me an Escalation # and said that I would receive a call within 72 hours. If I did not I needed to call back. I'll wait out the 72 hours just to show how cooperative individuals can be; at this rate, they are looking at a lawsuit.

My advice to anyone that deals with this particular resort is stay away. I would go as far to say not give them the pleasure of taking up their offer of the hotel stay and free tickets; it'll be a waste of your time. They're just bad business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Deal.

Monetary Loss: $1177.

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I recently vistited Charleston, SC and was approached on the street to attend a Bluegreen presentation. It didn't take but three questions for me to determine the sales person was very unprofessional.

You just don't swear within the first two minutes of a "pitch," okay? When a second Bluegreen representative (Manager, I guess?) joined the conversation, (probably to rescue the salesman) he was much more smooth in his delivery but it was not long before I could feel the pressure starting. I am pleased to say that I walked away from that train wreck.

Especially now that I have read about your experiences. Thank you for sharing and confirming that I didn't waste my money or, more importantly, my time on Bluegreen.


I wish Bluegreen would raise the min income to keep all you broke losers away from my great resorts!

Enjoy your 150 Holiday INN


Are you people deft? Do you really believe someone is going to give you a free vacation?

Do you honestly think they just want your company? Why would they do that? Because they want to sell you something!

You people who grab anything that you think is free - then gripe and complain because the company who gave you a two night stay and tickets to a major attraction expects you to take a tour the fine print bozo! Quit looking for something free - cheap your own way if you dont want to take a tour.


Well after going to one of its tours in Las Vegas, I thank GOD that we didnt buy into this company. I have been following the stories of all these people that have been screwed into buying.

Promises were made when we were there and asked if a could have the scatch piece of paper that our salesman was writing all these special deals down on, when he said NO I knew then it had to be a scam. Now here is the question?? Where is the employees that have rebuffed all the other complaints on pissed consumer that others have said about Bluegreen, it seems to me that they try to turn it around back to the consumer and try to make they feel bad. Well what to happening to you is just showing the true colors of Bluegreen.

Oh and by the way we were there for 3 hours, and yes we did get a free hotel stay, I am not complainting about that, just the way that you get high pressured and the way they do it, I am sure that almost everyone got the "let me get my supervisor routine" and then the "wow I didnt know we were doing that special deal" from the salesman. I really feel bad for some people that really cant afford it and will be stuck with it for the rest of their lives. I hope that this reaches people that will be going to a tour and will find this helpful in their decision because you will be stuck with it.

You will not be able to sell it, just read other posting from others. Google It...

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