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We attended a Bluegreen presentation in Myrtle Beach SC. The initial presenter and the sales staff were very personable. We own three weeks of timeshare, and decided for a couple of reasons to add a fourth. Big mistake.

Upon returning to our condo, I decided for the sake of safety to research some of the claims made by their staff. The had lied in the presentation on at least two important points. Based on that, we cancelled the purchase. I just received our refund check today, and guess what, it was $65 short of the the correct amount.

I should have been more wary when we had to acknowledge not once, but TWICE in the closing that Bluegreen does not stand behind ANY statements made by their sales staff during the sales presentation. I'd never seen a disclaimer like that before in ANY type of purchasing, even used cars! LOL

The dealbreaker for us is that they made a point no fewer than three times of promising in the sales presentation that they had NEVER had a special assessment charged to owners, and never would. I found out quickly with a minimum of Google effort that the very Monday of the week we attended their presentation on the following Thursday, they had a special assessment at one of the properties of no less than $1600. I found further record of at least two other recent special assessments. To compare, at our primary property, where we have owned for 24 years, we have indeed had zero special assessments, and two hurricanes have breezed by it in those years.

By the way, the "Free Cruise" that we were given to attend the presentation is not free at all. We later learned that it costs a minimum of $200 per person, and the costs can go up from there.

These guys wouldn't know the truth if it bit them HARD upon the ***. Do NOT agree to go to their sales presentations, and definitely DO NOT buy anything from them. You'll be sorry.

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darling you did not believe the salesman you silly thing and all I can say if your 3 timeshares have never had any sa then you must have paid way over the odds on your MF dear over all thes yrs.

Also darlings I have to laugh at how many of you dear complainers think that anyone who does not agree with your lies must work for Bluegreen.

Some of us my darlings are just very happy owners and would never express ourselves in the rude way you have shame on you


PS, the word *** out in the previous comment was S T U P I D.


BCVC owner, what is your job title with the BlueGreen Resorts office?

You are either an unethical apologist for the, or just too *** to understand what I wrote.

The salesman told us clearly, THREE times, that BG Resorts had never in their 40+ year HISTORY had a special assessment at ANY property, nor would they ever.

You yourself admit to having been charged a special assessment. Two others of more than $1600 per assessment are on record, one occurring the SAME WEEK these liars made that statement to us.

So let me ask you, are you so *** that you think a special assessment is not a special assessment? Are you an employee of BG Resorts? It must be one of the two. ROFLMAO


Just to correct you my friend on the SA

You are correct that we have had a SA approx 3 yrs ago to pay towards the refurbishment of Lacaban BRC in Aruba of which BGVC own around 22%

The $1600 will be for either christmas mountain ( the part that is not Trust Fund E of the BGVC) or the one in New Orleans (which is now a BG resort)but still has many fixed weeks on from the previous developer)

I have benn an Owner of BG points since 2004 and my SA on 36000 anual points has been a grand total of $75.

So my friend you are just as bad as those sales people

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