Thorntown, Indiana

I was suppose to attend the 2 hour seminar tonight, but was told to reschedule because my husband was not with me. OK, that's fine so I came home to look up information about this company and saw most reviews are very negative and there are a lot of pissed off people.

Now I am having second thoughts about even attending the "meeting". If I go, I am suppose to get a free 4-night cruise on Royal Carribean. Of course, we need to pay for flight to Florida, pay the port-fee and drinks on the ship. After reading so many bad reviews I am wondering if I should forget the whole thing.

Anyone do the free cruise deal?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Deal.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Saint Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom #16991

I've been getting calls non stop from these Bluegreen people for the last three days. When I called back today, a young professional smooth talker type told me that I had "won" a similar 4-day package.

Now, being a person who hasn't won anything since a cake in the 3rd grade I instantly became suspicious. Is it possible that I actually won a vacation in a contest I never applied for? Why are they so anxious to get a hold of me to give me something for free?

Nothing is free, kids. After reading all of these horrible reviews I'm going to go ahead and save a tank of gas and skip the meeting.

Burkburnett, Texas, United States #10584


Hi! Better to loose $158.00 then put up with this headache and heartache the rest of your life.

They are trying to scare you...they should have given you a paper that states what they are giving you for free in exchange for you attending.

Check that over...there might be more info...I wish we had checked before we went...they are banking..literally on your fear and your busy life, and your kids to think you won't do the are better off not a weekend away and be glad it will be paid for and you are done! Good luck!!!

South Burlington, Vermont, United States #10316

I understand, we are scheduled to camp at one of their VA resorts very soon. We have already paid for the weekend ($80). We have to sit in on a sales presentation suppose to be 90-120 minutes.

However, after reading the reviews yesterday on this site we are deciding to cancel even though we will loose our $80. We have 3 children and do not want to be pressured and "kidnapped" as reported in a couple of the responses for 4 hours.

According to the rules if we cancel within 72 hours, they will not charge us additional $78 for a no-show. I'm skeptical about this for we can't loose $80 (but are willing to) but we can't loose an additional $78. I will fight it if they charge us.

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