Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

My wife and I own with Bluegreen and Orange Lake. We really hate all of the hidden fees and BS you get at the meeting and have to put up with.

The up side to all of it is that it has allowed us to show my son so many different parts of our country. We visit St. Augustine, OBX and many other places every year but the key to it is learning how to book it. we transfer points to RCI and have much better luck.

Orange Lake will be paid for in 2014 but BG will be some time. I had to leave my job of 15 years for medical reasons and start over. went from 4 weeks of vacation to none and my son is just starting school. my income was cut in half and I have adjusted almost all that I can.

I have down graded cars so they would be paid for, adjusted here and there and to be honest i am not as impressed with BG as they made me think I would be. I have been an every other year points owner since 2008 and it is hard to get reservations unless you book them a year in advance for popular places and at that with some places you better have a lot of points which I don't have. I would like to get help unloading this turd but as we all know the sales people are trained well and and we are all about a talked up good deal. So in short help would be nice but once we all sign on the dotted line they have us by the short curly's.

My advice for anyone looking into one of these is this, think of what a vacation will cost. Figure the BG payment will be about $200 a month if not more. Take that same $200 pay it to yourself for 12 months which is how far in advance you have to book a good resort to get it and that gives you $2400 for your family vacation without the BS. I sold cars for a living when I was younger and so I understand how these people think but my father has on of these and uses it all the time and gives me points to use as well.

I am also an independent man so I bought it so I wouldn't need to use his well I should have not let my pride get in the way. If you go to a BG sales meeting, keep this in the back of your mind (from a salesman standpoint) you are about to buy a car that the dealer has just put sawdust in the transmission but he or she is telling you that it runs like a champ and you can take it anywhere you want to go but chances are it doesn't make it to work on Monday but he has your name on the dotted line so it is your problem now!

THINK ABOUT IT! Just my 2 cents Jason

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Clearly Scarlettt2014 is an employee, has the same comment on every complaint posted. Learn how to use your points.


I was thinking the EXACT same thing about Scarlettt2014! She's like a broken record up here!


I say the same thing over and over thinking that those with an ounce of intelligence will understand what I'm saying, and educate themselves instead of whining and blaming everyone but themselves..

I'm a happy Bluegreen owner...I got together with 50 other happy owners at Big Cedar over the 4th...and 44 of us are meeting at Christmas Mountain next weekend....

Nothing broken about us happy owners...


I wish I were an employee......I hear they have great a substitute teacher I have no benefits....

Clearly you need to talk with other owners who love their Bluegreen..... Shall I refer you to some, or will you think they are all employees


Here's my two cents. I have educated myself in how to use my Bluegreen in the past 8 years and have had some wonderful vacations.

For 11,000 points I had a full week on Disneyworld's property at the Wilderness Lodge, a 2 bedroom that would have cost approximately $500 or more per night had I tried to book through Disney. My maintenance fees of $550 on those points alone, gave me a full week at Disney...which means I saved roughly $3,000 that week !


Maintenance fees of $500 on at least 11,000 pts. I bet your eyes are brown since your so full of ***


Mojo obviously you are unaware that maintenance fees are approximately 5 cents per the math...and you'll come up with $550 like I did...


$330 base fee + .04620 per do tha math beyotch.."


How in the *** are your maintenance fees 550 on 11k points and mine are 760 on


Are you talking your total yearly fees ? If so that includes the $320 base fee, and the $129 annual dues...that gets added to the 4.93 or something per point maintenance fee...

Join the Bluegreen Yahoo group.....they'll tell you what's what as well......


If you read the statement they send you every year it's all laid out

Your fees are also dependent on what trust you're in

Ah you do the math

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