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Timeshare owners beware! According to the FTC, numerous state attorney generals, BBB and other trusted sources, timeshare owners and consumers going on timeshare presentations are under attack. Anyone who has purchased a timeshare needs to read our list of the 5 most common areas of deception that can occur during a timeshare sales presentation".

1. Timeshares are like real estate – This is a scam used by weak timeshare sales reps and their managers to try to get their customer to believe that a timeshare is no different from buying any other type of property/. What they are trying to do is make a connection in their customer’s mind that a timeshare functions just like a real piece of property". If you are reading this, then you know that is not the case:. Timeshares are nothing more than timeshare that you purchase at a resort and instead of the resort paying all the fees, you the timeshare owner pay them..

2. Timeshares increase in value – Again, if timeshares were like real property then this would be true.. Reality is that timeshares have no, I REPEAT, no value on the resale market whatsoever. In order for something to have a value there must be a demand. I know that you have heard this before, but if you simply go to eBay and Craigslist you will see not hundreds, but thousands of timeshares for $1.00 or free and they are not moving. Do yourself a favor and really investigate this before you agree to attempt to sell your timeshare.

3. Timeshare owners can go anywhere at any time – Wouldn’t that be great? Well, it is true that timeshare owners can go anywhere at any time. It is called making a reservation on the open market and not through your timeshare ownership or exchange. I am sure by now you understand that was a complete lie. What the sales reps and managers do is use the exchange catalog during their sales presentation to get you to believe that you can go to any location in the world simply because you are a timeshare owner. NOT TRUE! If you are not a planner who schedules your vacations 10 to 13 months in advance you do not need to own a timeshare period!

4. You must buy today – Every sales organization wants to create a sense of urgency with their customers to get them to want to buy today. The overwhelming majority of businesses in America do this with integrity. You do this by getting to understand what their customer is looking for and then showing them the benefits of purchasing their product. Not timeshares. They want to completely baffle you with B.S. then by a series of deceptive sales tactics they get their customers to believe that if they do not buy today, they will never get that opportunity again. Reality is that if you left and had time to think about it, most would not make the purchase. You see, the developers spend millions to get people to take timeshare presentations by promising free gifts. That is an expense that must be covered.

5. Deduct your fees off on your taxes – Wow, the sales rep is now a tax professional. By now I think you know that you must first speak with a licensed tax professional in your town.

If any of these top 5 scams happened to you, I can almost guarantee that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can take action and call us for a no-obligation consultation to find out what your consumer rights are. If you keep putting this off you may end up allowing the statute of limitations to protect the timeshare company that ripped you off.

If you feel like you have been the victim of timeshare fraud or misrepresentation call today for a free consultation!

Kevin Hanson

Texas Regional Sales Director

Licensed Texas Realtor Since 1996

Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC

713-554-3334 Ext 805

936-689-6690 mobile

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Thank God we got rid of this timeshare a long time ago!!! We never used it!

We only ever use the RCI! Part of the membership!!!5

@Debra Ryan

what Company did you go through to sell your timeshare with


They got us with 3 & 4 and we are hopelessly lost as to how to be rid of this mess. We were also told how wonderful it would be to use our points to take our 4 adult kids and their partners and kids with us too!

We are non citizens and have never faced this kind of situation before. In our country sales staff have to inform you truthfully or face prosecution, so we figured that this country would be the same! Wrong. Not one person cares we have been lied to and pretty much had our money stolen.

Suggestions to escape this mess would be greatly appreciated.

BBB did not work, calling has not worked, writing letters has not worked. We have stopped paying and are now being harassed by them.


Bluegreen nailed us with numbers 1-4. They also used this is a legacy for your children and it is an investment.

They were extremely predatory in their approach and exceeded their so called 90 minute limit every single time we met with them. We were basically forced to listen to 2-3 different sales people's pitches before we got our obligation money back and the free gift they promised.


It is pathetic that this is allowed to happen......that there is not more information nor is there any legitimate agency that can take on these scammers.....that the consumer has to then fork out more money to get rid of these illegal scammers. The lies that they tell you (you find out later they were just lies) just show me that none of them can be trusted.

What a shame....I have a place in my heart for the orders in Mexico...and their families....we have brought sporting equipment and clothing to the churches there........I am so upset with this and know there is really nothing we can do. Just screwed........

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