We've owned for many years and have quite a few complaints ranging from minor things to more major things. One major complaint, they try to make it a never ending cycle of you buying more points.

You just pay them off and guess what? They change all the rules so you need more points. We do have difficulty getting reservations but have managed to stay at some of the resorts. You're always harassed about attending an "owner update" (sell you more points), before you ever get to your room and by phone.

My husband finally agreed to an update in Branson on 12-31-12. Every time we send our complaints in to Bluegreen we never get a response, so before we left we made a list. They were 20 minutes late getting us in. Immediately told us we'd been flagged since we haven't bought points since 2002.

Of course the rules have changed once again. We brought up our complaints, the woman asked to see them, then said it was hilarious and wanted to make a copy for them to laugh about in the lounge. She came back with a manager/supervisor or whatever to address my complaints. He cussed alot, not very professional.

They made a lot of excuses, he kept telling the story of all the farmers who used to buy bluegreen points but said that once they'd been burned they won't buy anymore. Seems like that is admitting that they don't do their owners right. He pretty much said that he couldn't do anything about complaints unless we bought more points because he couldn't get into our account with it that old. We were told they couldn't "update" us unless we bought more points.

I have since reported this to Bluegreen but as expected, gotten no response. For now we'll keep the points we have and use them the best we can but will never invest another dime in this company.

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