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We are wanting desperatly to get out of our bluegrren contract. They lie and tell you what you want to hear.

anybody know how to get out of it? If you are considering buying a vacation club with bluegreen I would strongly advise you not to do so. The maintenance fees have more than doubled to over 1000 dollars a year. They told us if we upgraded our fees would not go up.

Lie. They also told us if we opened a rci credit card $1 for every $100 could go towards your maintenance fees. So we upgraded and opened the credit card. We bought the extra points with the credit card which was a little over 4000 dollars.

It should have given us 400 dollars to use toward fees.

But when we called to redeem our rewards all we could get was a 25 dollar gift card. Lie.Lie Lie.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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We have been told it is going to cost us £2,500.00 for Bluegreen to take back our 40,000 bi-annual points, they are saying they are worth 5 weeks? 1st I knew. Never been able to get 5weeks.


What are you asking for you points and how many points do you have? How long ago did you purchase your points and what is your anniversary date?


With the lies you were told you have a good chance to get out of your contract. Visit www.timesharetricks.blogspot.com

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