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In October 2014, I got the phone call from Bluegreen to buy this 3 day, 2 night getaway with the understanding that we would take the presentation tour. We decided to sign up.

On March 1, 2015, I made our reservations for Memorial Day weekend. This was our family's last getaway until our new baby was born. We have an 8-year-old so we booked the Grand Plaza because we had been there before and knew they had an indoor pool for him. Two weeks before we left Bluegreen called to confirm our reservations.

We had actually gone up to Branson ahead of time and stayed a couple of nights at the Holiday Inn. So, upon checkout, I called the Grand Plaza to see if we could get an early check in. They advised us that we did not have a reservation. I was 33 weeks pregnant at this point.

I called Bluegreen and asked why we didn't have a reservation and they said we did. The rep was going to call the hotel and find out what was going on and call me back. The rep called me back and confirmed that we did not have a reservation and that they had no vacancies. After several minutes of being on the phone and going back and forth, the rep said they would see what they could do and call me back.

Keep in mind that it's Memorial Day weekend and all hotels in Branson have no vacancies. I get the call back and the rep says she got us a room at the American Inn & Suites. What? Where is that?

I've been traveling to Branson since I was a small child and have never heard of that hotel. I look it up and it doesn't not look comparable to the Grand Plaza, nor does it have an indoor pool. I advised the rep that this was unacceptable and I wanted something comparable. The answer I kept getting was "no" and "sorry".

We paid for this in October and can't even stay where we booked. How was this our fault? I called Holiday Inn and the lady was super sweet and actually had one room left. She talked her boss into letting us hold it (without penalty) for a couple of hours so that I could call Bluegreen back to see if they would let us stay there.

Bluegreen said they do not partner with Holiday Inn and would not make an exception for us. I was in tears by this point and called Holiday Inn back to cancel. The lady was so nice and doing everything she could to help us. I HIGHLY recommend the Holiday Inn Express!

They have amazing customer service. We drove to The Falls Village because that's where we were supposed to get our vouchers to check in to the All American Inn. The Bluegreen rep there got our name and said, "You're staying at the Grand Plaza right?" I thought I was going to jump over that counter! No, lady, we're not.

She called the Grand Plaza and they confirmed that there was not a reservation, again. Then, she got off her butt and spoke with a few other people at The Falls Village. She got us a condo there for the next two nights. She is the only one at Bluegreen that actually did something.

They don't deserve her and she needs to find a better company to work for. Although we were not impressed with the condo at all, they did have an indoor pool and other amenities for our son. The floor of the condo was filthy dirty. We had to attend the presentation the next day and the spokesperson was telling everyone how they were rated number one in customer service.

I had to actually LOL!! I don't think so! This was the vacation from ***, thanks to Bluegreen. They were not apologetic or willing to make it right.

We paid for this in October, it's not like we got a "free" vacation. Then, we had to torture ourselves by listening to a bunch of pushy, rude salesmen. If Bluegreen calls or approaches you….RUN!! They are HORRIBLE!

This was clearly Bluegreen's fault and yet they are not taking ownership to do anything about it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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