Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Ever since we bought in to this place we have not been able to make a reservation. I would highly recommend that you read all the complaints.

I'm turning them in to the real estate bureau as well as the better business bureau. Also check in to the Company's that buy time shares and you would not believe how many of then want nothing to do with Blue and Green Resorts. This in my opinion is a paper company, scammers at the least to say. When going in they promiss you the world and after to buy in you get the shaft.

Call Mr Deahaun 1-800-456-2582 Ex 6514 and lissen to the run around you get. Terry A Christy

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Miss Piggy is not a BG employee....he is a "cleaner" working for a low life company that BG pays. He goes by many names on many sites.

His goal is to discredit people who are trying to warn others. He is not an owner and probably has never even been on a vacation. Successful people do not lower themselves to do what he does.

Thank you for your post. People like you are helping many others.


iIf you are not an employee and you are such a happy customer, sugar pie, darling Piggy, why do you trawl the complaint boards, eh, darling honeybuns night-light-bright sweetie pie?


We must be using different websites. I never had a problem getting a reservation.

Check often and be flexible.

You will be able to go on some very nice vacations. Also, learn to use the RCI site.


no bg did not hire me I am just an owner like you darling. The difference is that I understand what I bought and find it so so very simple to use. So Jen instead of complaining learn how to use it you have had 8 yrs to work it out so come on get that little brain of your working darling.


Im so tired of hearing you MIss Piggy! Did Bluegreen hirer you to post for them lol


My sister is correct you are just 100% bull ***


Has my sister would say darling you talk 100% pure ***

Darlings you can not even get the company name correct, maybe if you directed your anger into leaning how to use what you bought the tiny bulb of a brain my well just light up one day.

Who am I .... a long standing owner who has never had a problem in getting reservations .... all of which have been at peak periods.

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