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We purchased a week that we could use every other year.

Bluegreen was not the management company at the time.We could have the week this year,but

could not go to the resort. We wanted to Bank the week until 2014 than we would have two weeks.

However,Bluegreen can not bank it and we have to deposit it with Interval.

In 2014 when we have that week available,we would have to pay $174.00 to go to our home resort,using our 2012 week. something is wrong with this picture.

Have any other owners run into this problem. Its cost so much to fly these days that its not

worth leaving home for a week.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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I see it is a fee for service resort.

You do need to dig out your original paperwork to check if you were able to bank your week with the resort in the first instance.

You do not have to use II to bank a week there are others that not make a charge for joining and have lower exchange fees.

Please check first but if (as I would expect) you have to bank with an exchange company then you may be better doing so and using that week to exchange closer to home.

If you want to extend your week stay in 2014 then I can think of a couple of options.

One is to rent a week from another fixed week owner either side of your week, or join the Bluegreen group on yahoo and ask if somebody will make a reservation using points that marries up with your week and rent it to you (the reservation would have to be made by them but in your name .... no extra cost for this). the third option would be to go to a sales presentation when you are at resort and see if they will convert your week into points (you would have to but a small package in order to become a BGVC owner)

Join the yahoo group in any case it will give you lots of info on what is available to you far more than I can


Our home resort is the Cibola Vista Resort in Peroria,Arizona :zzz


Hi, is this the first time you have tried to bank it if not did your previous management company allow you to do this?

This info should be in you original public offering statement supplied to you when you bought your timeshare, what ever is in that document is correct.

Most week timeshare work on use it or lose it ,if you do not want to lose it then bank it with an exchange company (in this case your home resort must be affliated with II, for info most BG resorts are RCI ).

what you need to do is ti dig out your original paperwork and see if it does say you can bank your week with the Resort for use at that resort or infact you do have to use an exchange company.

Out of interest (and seeing you have said a change of managment to BG) which is your home resort ?


Bluegreen is point based. You can't bank with Bluereen.

If you have an every other year. So say you have 12000 points every other your on the even years. You would say 12000 points to use in lets say 2012 and then non in 2013.

Or 6000 in 2012 and 6000 in 2013. You can also use the points for your week at your home resort by reserving you week in your unit, but that would use all the points in the even year and you would not have any for the next year.

Hope that helps

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