So, I'm still embarassed that I fell for the timeshare thing. But there is good news. Individual states may have laws that give you the opportuniy to change your mind within a certain period of time. In Missouri, it's 5 days from the time you sign the contract.

We got our $15,000 back. And here's how we did it:

1.) Type up a simple letter "In accordance with our rights under state law, we are canceling our contract #XYZ...."

2.) Send your letter via express mail or certified mail, postmarked within the cancellation timeframe for your state, to the Bluegreen address stated in your contract documentation.(Certified or express mail both require a signature of receipt- express costs more but will get it there faster)

3.) If you paid by credit card like we did, call your account services to dispute and put a hold on the charge so you don't have to pay interest while you are waiting for Bluegreen to credit the account.

4.) Return your Bluegreen welcome kit/bag with a copy of your cancellation letter,and get a signed receipt for the bag. If you don't return the kit you will be charged $75.

American Express customer service was awesome, by the way, and Bluegreen actually credited our account within about 2 weeks.

And now, all is well. We are returning to the resort later this spring after purchasing a week from a very nice owner on eBay - but without having a timeshare commitment.

And for everyone trying to decide if a timeshare is right for you, you owe it to yourself to do some research before you sign anything. The actual online customer reviews / experiences offer a MUCH different reality that what we were led to believe in the presentation.

Hope this helps...happy vacationing!!

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Hi we have been owners for 12 years and although we probably shouldn't have bought in when we did., we now like it, Sales at some locations are too pushy, we travel to many of the BG sites and do the presentation for the free stuff. We leave Friday for DC using.

Points hotels and then Virginia and Willisburg.

6 of us are going and without Bluegreen I doubt we would be. It's not for everyone, but the resorts are great.


Thank you so much for your detailed advice. We will be sending our letter and lovely Ipad (that was in lieu of the big $75 book, ipad $399!) back to corporate tomorrow by certified mail.

We just signed contract on Saturday, tomorrow is Tuesday. My father had researched this company on internet while I was at work today. Geesh, this sucks! I guess as a good Christian I am too trusting of people.

Our presenter was a Pastor for gosh sakes! (so he said anyway, doing this on the side to "feed the kids") Yes, how *** we feel for the whole thing. I hope all goes OK from here. I highlighted the "right to cancel" on the contract and included the copy with my letter, as well as a photo of the ipad just prior to shipping to ensure of its pristine condition.

We also stated in letter that "we understand our right to cancel cannot be waived". Anyway, thanks again for your helpful advice.

@Iowa girl

I can't believe this site wouldn't print the word s t u p i d !

@Iowa girl

What was your outcome?

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