Newport News, Virginia
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Beware of the Visitors Center in TN- the salesmen are waiting for you...they entice you with free tickets to see a show etc...We were totally naive! I really don't know how these salesmen sleep at night because it is really a farce.

Too many rules apply and of course you come to realize this after your purchase. The salesman left out huge details on how the point system really works.

Just keep in mind the maintenance fees come around fast- $500/year for a TS that hardly has availability- you may as well spend this money on somewhere you really would like to go! venerable consumer

Monetary Loss: $15.

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My husband and I purchased our Bluegreen Vacation Club package in April of 08 in Gatlinburg Tn. When we got home we took out a personal loan with a lesser intrest rate.

So Blue green was paid off. I did make me angry when in Oct I received a statement that I owed 700.00 in maintance fees and we hadn't even used the thing. Then in April of 09 we got a statement that we owed 129.00 for vacation dues. I wasnt sure what that was for but paid it.

I have to say we were planning a trip in April and were going to stay in about 4 different resorts but I didn't book them until about February and I was able to get into every one that I ask for. We stayed in a cabin in Gordonsville VA outside the Shenandoah Valley for a couple of days and then went to Williamsburg Va for 3 days and then onto Hershey PA for 4 days then back to Gordonsville VA and stayed in one of their YURT's. I have to say that our stay on every leg of the trip was wonderful. No problems checking in or out.

They were what they had promised. We did go through a sales pitch the first leg of our trip that did take a few hours and yes they did want us to buy more points , but after sitting there for about 4 hours talking with them with me asking some questions that I wanted answers to, we said we would have to think about it and would let them know in the morning. I dont think they were to thrilled about it but what were they going to do. We came in the next morning and told her no that we would use the points we had at the present and if we decided to buy more later I am sure they would be available.

She thanked us for our time and wished us a good day. Could we have not wasted so much time the day before Yes, you bet cha. You can get up and walk out any time you want... I will have to say that I think if you learn how to use the vac club it is a good thing.

My husband has 7 weeks vacation and we have to put in for them in Oct for the next year. So we know when our vacations will be in advance. We still dont know all there is to know but did find out alot the day we spent talking to the saleslady in VA, so it was time well spent. I will say that I am not happy about the bonus points that your suppose to be able to buy.

When I booked my vacation I had to book it all at one time and then had to go back 30 days before I arrived at my first Resort and book my bonus points and they charge a 35.00 fee for every resort you change. Also taking a risk that they wouldn't be available. That I didn't like. I didnt see why we couldn't do it all at one time.

I felt like that was just another way of them making money. I have 6000 points left over and have to use them before April of 2010. Hopefully things will go well now that I know more about how to book. I know this was long but I have read all the negitive things about Bluegreen and I too was mad when I first bought in that all I did was pay and hadn't even used the program.

But I say learn how to use it and then you'll see it may work for you. I am still not 100% sold on the program and how they do business but my trip in April was wonderful and I had no problems.


You don't HAVE to reserve 11 months out, but if you're wanting something in peak season your odds are sure better if you do. You can stall much longer with good odds of getting what you want if you're going off season.

Even before buying into Bluegreen we often planned our vacation trips ahead of time, sometimes a couple of years ahead of time, and, no, we're not retired. Some people just think planning is half the fun. ;)

Our impulse vacations tend to be weekends and fairly local anyhow, so Bluegreen is not usually a consideration there.


11 mo.s out to plan a trip? You must be retired. :?


just a point BG Mf are one of the lowest in the timeshare industry and sorry to have to say once again there is plenty of availability and everyone can book at 11 months.

Plat. gold silver and bronze make up only a small % of owners so at 11 months out you should get what you want.

we have never had any problems

As for staying 4.5 hrs had you lost the use of your legs just stand up say I have had enough and walk out simple as that


I meant "We were under extremely high pressure to buy"

thank you


WE were high pressured a 1.5 hour sell pitch took 4.5 hours very disapointed with them

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