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Back in November of last year friends of ours took a trip through Bluegreen vacations and purchased a timeshare which then made them owners. The two adults and two children took their trip had a blast bought into the timeshare came home a week later my husband and I get a phone call it's because our friends had signed us up in regards to having interest in the time share our selves.

My husband over the next several days goes back and forth making the arrangements with a woman buying into all of the sales tactics will get a free Cruise after a 3-day paid for vacation at the resort because we were friends of owners. All we had to do is pay the taxes blah blah blah so we pay your hundred something dollars and pay the taxes we are then planning when we're going to take our vacation well September is when our vacation is going to happen and here we are in August getting a confirmation via email stating that are accommodations will be in Phoenix Arizona now months ago we received a piece of paper from them with their header stating that our three nights accommodations in Peoria at the actual Resort including our extras of the cruise and whatnot would all be confirmed once we made the phone call which my husband did paid additional fees for the cruise and everything else. So why we are getting an email stating that are accommodations will be in Phoenix? See my husband knows how far away Peoria and Phoenix are from each other and it's quite a distance and why does it now state are our accommodations are in Phoenix?

So he gives them a call and spends over an hour on the phone trying to make some understanding on why this is happened when we already had accommodations in Peoria they're telling us that if we want to stay at the resort we must pay an extra hundred somewhat dollars and the taxes because they didn't reserve a room at the Resort they signed us up for one of their supported hotels which happens to be quite a distance from the Resort and that we must pay more money if we want to stay there.

Now accommodations a place to stay it states that you will not be staying at the resort unless you are owners or friends of owners which we were but they have come to this conclusion that the friends of ours are no longer owners since last month because they have been screwed over by the company so now all of a sudden our accommodations have turned into a hotel and not the Resort itself even though when we made all these Arrangements we had been friends of owners. We told them that we have the paper we told them that we've already paid all the taxes and that we should already be staying at the resort the guy just kept getting us the runaround and when asked to talk to a manager they said that the manager wasn't ready to talk to us and just continue to give us the runaround eventually a nice guy name Joshua gets on the phone and tells us that if we would like to stay at the resort we would have to pay the extra money I looked at my husband and just kept mouthing the words we are not doing this again you're not paying this again hang up the phone we plan on taking the vacation my husband thinks that we should pay them but I have this strong gut feeling this is not right what am I not understanding and can they get away with this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Bluegreen Resorts Pros: There is no pros.

Bluegreen Resorts Cons: Exploitation.

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