Stone Mountain, Georgia

you said that i was an owner

now you are renting rooms to the general public

i want some of the rentals

these rentals kill the availability of rooms for owners and

were not explained when you took my 18,000 dollars

am i one of the owners ? if so please forward my % of

the rental monies that you receive

bradley lawson in gainesville georgia please dont make it

so hard to complain

i cannot think of more words to describe my situation

i believe that this is self explanatory

ten more words

ten more words

ten more words

ten more words

Monetary Loss: $18.

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darlings I am sorry I should have said

Since they are not part of the BGVC we as owners can NOT use them.

once again sorry for my little mistake my darlings


Could you please tell me How many weeks and Points you own at The Fountains

What are the week numbers and the units numbers

any information would be usefull


Darling Bradley What you have misunderstood is that Bluegreen rent ou the unsold inventory which they have to pay MF on to the HOA which is a member of Bluegreen Vacation Club.

They are only doing exactly what you or I are allowed to do ie to rent out their weeks. We would all love a % of those rentals but the downside of that is we would have to pay the MF on those units.

What you must understand is if those points linked to those units /deeds are unsold then they are not part of the BGVC and so we as owners can use them it is that simple . If BG did not rent their units and hence did not pay MF to the BGVC then we would have to foot the bill and our MF would be even higher

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